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One of the best workout machines out there, Infratrainer Canada helped me lose the extra weight Ive been trying to get rid of for months.

Adaline Sandoval

Ive never experienced such a wonderful time working out. The infratrainer is truly magical, in just under 2 months Ive lost more than 20 pounds without having to over exert myself!

Michelle Park

The gym is what i used to truly dread until i found the infratrainer. In just a few months, I can see the difference in my appearance, have lost a substantial amount of weight and inches, have built so much muscle, and best of all I feel great!

Maria Cooper

Having never really been a member of a fitness center, I admit I found all the cardio and free weights a bit intimidating and confusing. But When i started using the Infratrainer, it became a whole other story. Its easy to use, with great results!

Kendal Moore