What Is Infratrainer?!?

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The infratrainer is a revolutionary step in workout equipment that allows the user to burn an unprecedented amount of calories in a single work out. It allows users of any size to lose weight faster than ever before. The infratrainers purpose is to improve 3 concepts that are imperative to human health: weight-loss, body shaping, and anti-aging. The focus on these concepts have numerous beneficial effects on the human body but most importantly allow the user to experience efficient work outs. 50 minutes on the infratrainer will allow the user to burn 600 -800 calories which is equivalent to the amount burned when going on a 13 – 17 KM run. 

A deeper look into the infratrainer’s focus points will highlight the numerous benefits experienced by the user:


Weight Loss

Everyone knows that strength training is beneficial for the body. What makes the infratrainer unique is that it has combined old-fashioned strength training with heart control training to create the most effective piece of workout equipment ever. Users of the infratrainer state that the weight lost on the infratrainer is 80% water and 20% pure fat. By strength training, users are not losing valuable muscle mass that will helps achieve a healthy looking body.  


High intensity workouts often are counterproductive when it comes to getting in shape because injuries begin wear athletes down. This is especially true in the case of athletes that are aging or overweight. The infratrainer features a relaxed workout position that features a low impact pedal system to increase the users heartrate, while also limiting harsh impact on the body. This allows the user to get in shape as soon as possible. Furthermore, using the infratrainer increases collagen production which gives shape to the body, smooths wrinkles, and rejuvenates skin. 


The “infra” in infratrainer actually stands infrared. This is one of the most clear components of the infratrainer. The lights surrounding promote the health of skin cells on the human body by using aspects of infrared light therapy. On top of that, the infratrainer utilizes pulsing magnet therapy, benefits include: improved oxygen supply of cells, intensified metabolism, improved regeneration of muscles, & strengthened immune system.

The 3 concepts of the infratrainer combine to create what is likely the most innovative piece of workout equipment in recent years. What’s especially interesting is the products efficiency. Users with excess weight have experienced a loss of 8 – 14 kilograms of weight in 10 weeks regardless of age. 

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